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Citizen Charter


1. This is the Charter of Andhra Pradesh Fire Services Department towards the people of Andhra Pradesh so that they will be able to live without the fear of fire. This Charter aims for better quality in public service by the Andhra Pradesh Fire Services Department.

2. (Enumeration of service delivered by the Department)

We deliver the following services :-

i) To save life and property of people from fire;

ii) To rescue from floods, earthquakes, cyclones, rail and road accidents, air crashes, building collapses, and such other emergencies and disasters;

iii) To render advice on fire protection and fire prevention.

iv) To enforce fire safety measures in all fire hazardous places like mulit-storeyed buildings, public resorts, public Assembly places, hazardous industries, godowns, commercial complexes and other such places:

v) To impart training in basic fire prevention, fire fighting and rescue operations;

vi) To provide standby fire fighting arrangements at large gatherings and important public meetings; and

vii) To create public awareness on fire prevention.

3. Our aim is to achieve the following service delivery/quality parameters;

Nature of the Service Service Delivery Standards (time limit days/hours/minutes Remarks

a) Prompt response to fire call and other emergencies like floods, drowning, building collapse, Road and Train accidents, and Air crashes. 20 Seconds The fire vehicle with crew will start from the nearest Fire Station within One minute from the time of receipt of the call.

b) To issue No Objection Certificate for fire hazardous places i.e. Multi Storeyed Buildings and other hazardous places. 15 days The application with 5 sets of plans will be referred to the M.S.B. Inspection Committee within two days after receiving and will be processed immediately after receipt of inspection report.

c) Basic Fire Prevention training to security personnel of hazardous industries, public assembly places, offices and others 15 days The First Aid fire fighting training will be imparted in the nearest Fire Station as of now. Once the State Training School comes up, advanced courses will be started for all categories of personnel as per their requirements.

d) Standby fire fighting arrangements for huge public gatherings/meetings. As and when required Nil

e) Creation of public awarencess on fire prevention for various sections of society viz. Children, housewives, security personnel, industrial workers and others.f) Assistance and advice on conducting Fire Drills. It is an ongoing continuous programme. It is proposed to have regular awareness programmes in schools to create fire consciousness among children.

4. Availability of information: Information on the following subjects can be obtained from our offices listed below:

Information relating to Name of the Officer Designation Located at Telephone No.

1) Multi-Storeyed Building Fire Safety Regional Fire Officer, Central Region, Hyderabad 1st Floor, BRK Rao Bhavan, Tank Bund, Hyderabad 23223670

2) No Objection Certificates Districtl Fire Officer and Assistant District Fire Officer concerned District Fire officer/Assistant District Fire Officer At respective districts .

3) Standby Fire Fighting arrangements District Fire Officer and Assistant District Fire Officer concerned. Districtl Fire officer/Assistant District Fire Officer At respective districts .

4) Assistance and advice on Fire Drills District Fire Officer and Assistant District Fire Officer concerned. Districtl Fire officer/Assistant District Fire Officer At respective districts .

5) Training on basic fire prevention District Fire Officer and Assistant District Fire Officer concerned. District Fire officer/Assistant District Fire Officer At respective districts .

5. For information outside office hours, please contact

Availability of prescribed forms

Title of Form Fee to be paid Whom to contact

1) Provisional N.O.C. for Multi-Storeyed Buildings Rs. 10/- Per sq. meter of builtup area Director General of Fire Services, A.P , Hyderabad

2) N.O.C. for others Nil Respetive District Fire Officers/Assistant District Fire Officers.

6. Complaints Redressal System :

Courteous and helpful service will be extended by all the staff. If you have any complaints to make on the delivery of the above standards, you are welcome to register your complaints with the following officers :

Name Designation Location Telephone/Fax/E-mail
Director General of Fire Services, A.P., Hyderabad 1st Floor, ‘B’ Block, BRK Rao Bhavan, Tank Bund, Hyderabad. Telephone: 23221371 (O)23400181 ®23260081 FaxE-Mail:
Regional Fire Officer, Central Region, Hyderabad 1st Floor, ‘B’ Block, BRK Rao Bhavan, Tank Bund, Hyderabad. Telephone: 23223670 (O)23056162 ®
Regional Fire Officer, Southern Region, Anantapur H.No. 6-47/A1, kovvur Nagar, Anantapur – 515004. Telephone : 278497 (O)237388 ®
Regional Fire Officer, Eastern Region, Viskahapatnam. Dandu Bazar, Maharanipet, Visakhapatnam. Telephone: 2706585 (Office-cum-residence)

7. All complaints will be acknowledged by us within 3 days and final reply on the action will be communicated within 15 days.

8. Consultation with our users/stakeholders :

i) We welcome suggestions from our users.

ii) We welcome the members of public to meet the officers of the rank of Station Fire Officers and above at their offices without any hesitation between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. on all working days for any suggestion/services. The location of various officers with telephone Numbers are appended.

9. We seek your cooperation on the following :

Citizen’s Charter is a joint effort between us and you to improve the quality of service provided by us and we request you to help us in the following:

1) We expect the public to view the Fire Services as a friendly force, which should be assisted to save lives and property.

2) Obtain N.O.C. from A.P. Fire Service. Department before constructing a residential building above 15 mtrs. Height and buildings irrespective of height used for other than residential purpose.

3) Provide and maintain all fire safety systems in the fire hazardous premises as per National Building Code of India, Bureau of Indian Standards, and as advised by Fire Service Department.

4) Conducting of fire drills once in every 3 months in all fire hazardous premises to improve fire consciousness among the inhabitants of the premises.

5) To report about the fire accident giving the exact address with landmarks and shortest possible route to reach the place of incident without any loss of time.

6) Road users should give way to fire vehicles on their way to attend fire and emergency calls.

7) We further expect the people to adopt safe practices and observe all necessary fire precautionary measures during their routine day to day life and while handling inflammable and explosive substances so that risk by fire and other accidents is reduced.

8) We expect the public to understand the dos and do nots in a fire accident.

Our Helpline Number is 101

We are committed to constantly revise and improve the services being offered under the charter.

Let us join in making this Charter a Success.

Director General of Fire Services,
Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad